Industrial Sheds

Industrial Sheds

Shed Manufacturer

Industrial Sheds

  • Client: Construction Company
  • Location: Greater Noida
  • Surface Area: 500,000 m2
  • Year Completed: 2021
  • Value: $550.000
  • Architect: Harri & Gary

Shed Manufacturer

Being one of the reputed names of the business, we are shed manufacturer involved in manufacturing and trading Factory Shed in different specifications and location. The design of industrial shed of any kind, by decades is in the activities of SMEA Engineering, who has been working with some of the most important subjects in the Italian and international industry. A shed can be used in a variety of purposes, such as production, materials storage, logistics, administrative tasks, and so on, but for the result to be satisfactory and actually functional, it must be studied with care from the origin starting from the design. It is in design that SMEA Engineering can provide a high added value, thanks to the experience of professionals who have been working in that industry for decades with passion to provide customized and quality solutions.

These are all elements to be designed and implemented in harmony one with the other. Not only, industrial buildings have completely different needs from those of the administrative and commercial sectors: the first will require functional environments that revolve around ease of use, the latter will focus more on the image preferring a clean and professional environment.


The solution of prefabricated sheds is becoming increasingly popular also in industry. In situations where context adapting measures are not necessary, prefabricated sheds allow lower prices and at the same time shorter implementation timelines favored by the standardization of production processes.


When it comes to logistics and production, optimization is the buzzword. These are two areas where is the practical side to act as a master, and where the working environment is designed only to facilitate the manual and the mechanical work, without sacrificing security and compliance regulations. Hence, in this context the sheds designers and manufacturers must be prepared to offer a broad, pleasant impact and tailor made product.

Low costs

The popular adage of buy-low and sell-high is synonymous with industrial sheds. The overall cost of building one is way lower than what you would need to budget for a brick and mortar building. Moreover, this possibility makes this one of the best investments with an excellent ROI meaning your initial capital never accrues losses.


An industrial shed’s biggest advantage is that it is multifunctional. The same installation can be used for many other purposes, apart from what it was initially built for. For instance, a particular shed can be converted into a residential place, an office space, a warehouse, retail shop, storage facility, workshop, and many more uses.

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