Cold Storages

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Cold Storages

  • Client: Construction Company
  • Location: Greater Noida
  • Surface Area: 500,000 m2
  • Year Completed: 2021
  • Value: $550.000
  • Architect: Harri & Gary

Cold Storage Manufacturer

Pragati Global Infra is a market leader in cold storage manufacturer. We provide high-quality Cold Storage Rooms and Cold Storage Chambers throughout India. This Cold Storage is made with modulated panels and developed and manufactured according to the needs of the customer. Every part and component used in Cold Storage is made from top-quality raw materials to ensure that it can withstand the harshest circumstances. Our storage rooms have integrated refrigeration equipment as well as an electronic system for better storage condition control and energy savings.

We are one of the most reputable cold storage manufacturers. Our cold storage industry is a method of extending the shelf life of any product. This procedure is used for products that need to have their shelf life extended and are kept in a cold storage cellar or container at a particular temperature. Restaurants, merchants, businesses, hospitals, florists, and others utilize our technology to extend the shelf life of their products while keeping them safe and ready to use.

In India and around the world, we have a lot of expertise in delivering turnkey solutions for post-harvesting projects. We've built a strong reputation by delivering excellent customer service and high-quality refrigeration systems. We are quality designers and manufacturers of cold storage in India. We deliver a high-quality refrigeration system that ensures complete customer pleasure.

We design excellent quality Cold Storage Units with the highest quality equipment and cutting-edge technologies. Our cold storage refrigeration technology maintains the correct temperature, allowing, you to store seasonal fruits and vegetables for longer periods while keeping them cold enough to maintain their freshness. Refrigeration is mostly used to keep perishable fruits and vegetables fresh for longer periods. In the Cold Storage, carbon dioxide, the oxygen level, hydrogen, and ethylene are all well maintained and controlled, in addition to the temperature. The storage units are so carefully constructed that they can control the humidity level, which is crucial for ripening.

Pragati Global Infra is a leading cold storage manufacturer providing world clas manufacturing facilities. As consumers, we always remain conscious of our dairy, meat, and other food products. Taking care of their storage and quality becomes our priority. Like us, the company that manufactures these products also takes precautions to keep such commodities safe. However, the difference is that a refrigerator is replaced by a cold storage warehouse when it comes to the manufacturing of such products.

Some cold storage warehouses have such extreme conditions that you need special equipment to stand inside. Unlike every other warehouse, cold storage warehouses also exist in different forms based on the need. As such, it is an important node of food supply chain logistics.

Pragati Global Infra, a cold storage manufacturer guarantees the storage unit's continuous operation and noise-free operation, as well as well-designed Cold Storage systems that keep the goods fresh and safe till they reach the clients


As the craze of art has been growing, so has the rate of art production. Nowadays, many of the sculptures or statues are made up of natural colors and fibers. This makes it necessary to reserve some space at a cold storage warehouse for artworks to be stored at the optiumum temperature, otherwise these artworks can be damaged.

Pharmaceutical purposes

Cold storage warehouses play a vital role in saving the lives of people too. Many of the pharmaceutical products such as medicines and supplements require a specific temperature for storage. Some hospitals have term-based contracts with such warehouses to fulfill their needs.

Prevents damaging of products

Keeping our products safe from any spoilage is a huge task. If cold storage warehouses did not exist, then manufacturing companies would have to bear a huge amount of loss as most manufacturing centers are not located near the end destination.

Generates employment

Management of a cold storage requires skilled employees. All such warehouses have dedicated teams that manage stock, check the products and takes care of the environmental conditions. Hence, it is a great way of generating employment opportunities for many people.

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